18 July 2011

Abbreviations and definitions

I thought there might be some people stopping by for a visit that might not be familiar with all the terms and abbreviations that will likely be used on the blog.  Hope this helps. It will be made into a static page on right side as well.

Abbreviations and definitions used here

AH – All Human, the characters are all human, no supernatural beings
AU – Alternate Universe, where things didn’t go the same way as in the books, “what if ..?” stories
BD – Breaking Dawn book
EC – Eclipse book
FFN – fanfiction.net web site (or ffn), included on web site list
NM – New Moon book
R&T – Ramblings and Thoughts web site, canon TWS fan fiction, old pod casts, link to Twilight Lexicon site, info on writing fan fiction, included on web site list
SM – Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight Saga books and others that I’ve not read yet
TL – Twilight Lexicon web site
TM – Twilight Moms web site
TW – Twilight book

Canon – stories that keep to the original characters and history
Fan fiction – stories written by fans of book, TV series, movie, etc, using those characters in canon or AU universe
Post – the main part of the blog that is updated regularly, home page
Static page – those pages on a blog that don’t change much, off to side, like this page that you are reading after I post it. 

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