30 July 2011

About Poem "Twilight Lexicon"

Twilight Lexicon (TL) is one of two Twilight related web site I visit regularly.  I found it as a featured web site on Stehpenie Meyer's web site, before that list went strictly alphabetical.  I looked at a variety of sites and found TL to be the most professional and mature looking, clean and easy to navigate around.  Good info nicely organized if not always typo free. Very much to my taste.  It helped me get caught up with the Twilight fandom, especially the movie material.  And they had personal correspondence with Ms Meyer providing even more info.  

There is information on how it got started on the site and about the staff.  It is the longest continuous running Twilight web site.  The two ladies, screen names Alphie and Pel, wanted / needed a place to gather all the info about Twilight into a lexicon.  Now it is really more an encyclopedia rather than a dictionary of Twilight info along with news and forums.  The forums are a big black hole of time for me [worse than fan fiction], so I don't visit them often.  They have high standards of accurate news reporting, no trashy stuff, no stolen pictures/footage.  Recently they did a great job of live blogging from ComiCon.

Since my poems are a way to express my thanks and pay tribute, one for TL was needed.  As with the one on Ms Meyer, I am not completely satisfied with it as is.   We will have to wait and see if inspiration brings a better version.  Thanks ladies for a comfortable place to visit and get Twilight fix of news and info.

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