25 July 2011

Poem: Wonder Child

Wonder Child
By abbyweyr May 2011
Based on TWS fan fiction Give Her Some Credit, ch1-7 by kmwhyte

Jeans too tight?
Feel a bump?
Stop at store for test

How is this even possible?
Only been 8 days
Only one time
How can there be a bump?

Stupid vampire speed.

They left
He didn’t love me anymore
Now I have to leave
Protect Charlie
I am all alone.

Where do I go?
How can I do this alone?
I can’t.
Who can I call?

End up at big white house
Find a trunk from Alice
Find supplies

Call Angela
Asks only how to help?
Suddenly the time is now
Renesmee enters the world


No time to stop
Need to save self for her
Must become what they are
Syringes ready and used
Angela cares for Renesmee
While I burn
Wake to go hunt alone
Remember Emmett’s talk

Back to big white house
Thank Angela through window
Human blood scent too tempting
In 3 days Renesmee grown so much

Stupid vampire speed

Wonder and Love!

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