16 July 2011

Poem: Changes

By abbyweyr May 2011
Inspired by Twilight Saga novels by Stephenie Meyer and fan fiction stories

A few things are
   stable and permanent

Most things change
   some for good some for bad
       some just different

Some changes are
   slow and gradual
       others quick
   not so welcomed
     happen anyway

Some are physical
   some are attitudes and behaviours
     or thoughts and actions

Some once started can be stopped
     others proceed

People change
   growing older, mature
     maybe even wiser

Even stones change
   air water time

She wants a change
   he refuses
     he leaves

Change happened anyway
   not way wanted, not welcome
     just necessary for survival
Now both are stuck
   If feel anything it is pain
     otherwise just nothing, numbness

Alternate between pain and numbness
   that is her life now
     that is his existence now

They remember once that there was more to
   life and existence
     but that was long ago

Remembering hurts
   back to pain from numbness
     trapped in a box

Where is the key
   Who has the key
     to let them out?

Three become trapped from his refusal
   two at same time but separately
     one at different time and all alone

Same key
   different key holder
     to release all three

There are the surrounding victims
   they watch
     they wait

They try to help
   they support
     they try to be a key

They are

They don’t know what
   to do
     to say
To end the pain
   to end the numbness
     to speed healing

They love
   and know that love
     is not felt for now

They stand ready
   to welcome each
     to love each

When the right key
   is used for each
     to release each

From their trap
   to find love again
     to feel more than pain and numbness

To grow and change
   in light
     surrounded by love

The two separated
   find each other
     and are healed

The one alone
   is now trapped
     waiting for his key

The two together
   make a key
     for the one alone

All three passed through
   their personal hell

More aware now of their
   own strength
     and their strength together

Surrounded by love

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