30 October 2014

Halloween memories

There is only one costume I can remember. It was 1957 while we were living in Denver Colorado. I wanted to be an harem dancing girl with all the sheer veils. Remember we are in Denver. Mom made my dance recital costumes and I expected her to make this Halloween one. I do not remember why I wanted to be a harem dancing girl, just did. It took a few weeks, but she did finally convince me to be something more suitable to cold weather. We did have snow mid October, so it most likely would have been cold for Halloween. I do not remember what costume I wore. 

I remember the teen center parties dancing and haunted house while in Germany when I was 11 & 12 years old.

I remember handing out candy in North Dakota, 13-15 years old and in Florida 16-18 years old. No college Halloween memories.

At a couple of pharmacies we could dress up...I would be a Star Trek Next Generation medical officer or a mad chemist. I had gotten the medical blue top, some rank pips and communicator badge that I wore with some black slacks and black shoes I had. I had kept my lab coat from high school and college and it showed the wear and acid burn holes with some messed up hair and beaker I was the mad chemist.

I don't recall my parents ever dressing up to give out candy. I know I didn't when it was my job. Costumes are not my thing. I appreciate the effort people put into theirs be it original or film accurate. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures on Facebook from my friends that do cosplay. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe for the kids and pets and have fun.

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