25 September 2013

Trip to Forks, the last two days

Abby Weyr Forks Trip Day 18 & 19

Day 18 of trip was Saturday 21 September 2013. Most of 101 in Oregon is close to the coast and had some great views. Stopped at view points and heritage markers that provide some beautiful scenery and interesting info about the places – especially the settling of the areas. There are some nice picturesque towns along the way.

I got to Tillamook Cheese Factory about noon. Interesting self-guided tour. There is a cheese sample bar, packaged food and kitchen items store, ice cream shop, a cafĂ© and a souvenir shop all kind of crowded together. Had a grilled cheese sandwich that had taste buds jumping for joy. There were a couple of kitchen items I got – one is a different bottle opener made of silicon rubber loop that tighten down to size, hope it helps. The other was a cheese slicer with Tillamook on it as a souvenir.

South of Tillamook the towns took on a decided tacky tourist trap beach town look. Antique, collectibles, surf shops galore. Some nice scenery but enough is enough. At Newport decided to head to I-5. Nice drive through the mountains again to get there. As soon as got out of mountains and looked south I could see I was headed for rain and likely lots and hard from looks of clouds. I did though it was in bands lasting about five minutes. Most of rain wasn’t that hard and easy enough to keep driving. I wasn’t tired and drove until about 7pm stopping in Sutherlin Oregon. I might have kept going, but going through the mountain pass in dark and still some rain didn’t seem a good idea so  decided safer and wiser to stop for the night.

Sunday 22 September 2013 was day 19 of trip and would be last day. No rain. Mountain pass interesting difference in mountain vegetation. The Mt Shasta view point was open and could actually see the mountain, well the top was hidden in clouds. What could see had more snow than remember seeing on way to Forks. Stopped in Redding to visit Karen and return her Twilight token. It was nice to have the time to stand and walk a bit and enjoyable conversation, her husband is prior Air Force. Stopped in Vacaville Black Bear Diner for dinner and to let the sun go all the way down so not shining in my eyes as driving. Home about 2100hrs.

Monday and Tuesday have been unpack and catch up on mundane world life. Today is Wednesday and life returning to routine.

My thanks to my two virtual traveling companions. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and comments about the trip. I’ll be back to posting comments about things in a few days. Take care.

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  1. I've never been farther up the Oregon coast than Brookings. I had never thought about the towns being geared mostly for tourists. I've only been interested in the beaches and agate hunting.

    I've always wanted to go to the Tillamook factory. That grilled cheese makes my mouth water!

    It's always a mixture getting back home from a trip isn't it? Good to be home, but sorry you had to leave.