18 September 2013

Trip to Forks, Day 14, Port Angeles

I didn’t stop in Port Angeles on the way to Forks, so today, Tuesday 17 Sep 13, I back tracked to visit places of Twilight interest. Enjoyed the drive along Lake Crescent going in this direction. Found a good place to park with easy walk to TWS places and other places. Found Michael’s and Bella Italia with no problem. Michael’s is the location that was Bella Italia until the owners split up – one got the location, one got the name and moved across the street. Both open up at 1600hrs and I’m not staying for dinner. Found a nice little place for breakfast, Oven Spoonful. Then to Port Book and News, not the new age store in Twilight. First thing as walk in is a delightful display of chocolates. They also have a bunch of cool toys for all ages. I found the science fiction aisle … and all but #2 of a series that I’ve been looking for the follow on books to the first that I read some time ago. The series is by Andre Norton and Sasha Miller, The Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan Cycle. The cashier recommended some places to visit. As walking toward car realized I was missing my hat. After putting the books in car, I walked back to Oven Spoonful and there it was. Hmmm…thankfully it has been a very long time since left something behind. Really like that red hat from San Diego trip, keeps the sun out of eyes and currently matches my red SMD T-shirt.

Walked down to the wharf area. A ferry was coming in. There was Feiro Marine Life Center to visit. It is an education organization mainly. There are pool with sea critters you can touch. Across the way was a small mall with a couple of restaurants and stores and empty space. One of stores was also art gallery. Found a Christmas walking stick. There were a bunch of interestingly decorated sticks, but the Christmas one seemed to call to me. I was hoping to find one of Native American art, preferably Pacific Northwest, but haven’t found any so got the Christmas one. The artist uses techniques inspired Australian aboriginals, Eskimos, and other native cultures, so close to what I was looking for.    

Checked out the Port Angeles Visitor Center / Chamber of Commerce. Nice chat with lady there. Suggested going out to the Coast Guard Station to see the harbor and city from there. Leisure walk to car. Noticed lots of places to park car and get on ferry, prices range from $6 to $10 a day. There is a nice area with benches to sit and watch the come and go of ships. The drive to the Coast Guard station ‘goes through’ a paper mill. Smelly. Clouds had been building up so sky was interesting above the city. Interesting enough view.

On the way back to Forks, I stopped at the Lake Crescent Lodge for late lunch. Nice place with beautiful views. The wind was picking up and felt a little on the cool side of comfortable. Ran through Katmom’s story “Emeralds to Rubies” as waited for meal. After eating walked out on to their dock and definitely not like her story. I walked to lodge with only my wallet and keys. Managed to leave my wallet in bathroom. Not had this problem in long time and then twice in one day?

After my shower this morning I tried on all the new T-Shirts. Found one that fits like it is two sizes smaller than stated. Did not get back to Forks in time to return it to Leppell’s. Worked on pictures and blog for the evening while watching NCIS and NCIS: LA.

and then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our Forever in Forks

family is about more than just blood. Jasper, Alice, Wolf Jacob, Nessie, Bella, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle.

Twilight Then, now and forever.... Stephenie Meyer Day 2013

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  1. Your t shirts are fun! I hope you can get the one exchanged so you can wear it. If for some reason you can not maybe make it a pillow case?

    Sounds like another great day in the NORTH WEST of the NORTH WEST!