06 September 2013

Forks Trip Day 3

Found my way to home of a friend of friend, I met them once a few years ago. Nice drive from Springfield, Oregon to Chehalis, Washington. Wednesday and Thursday saw lots of cattle, today it was sheep. Flat farm lands became higher rolling hills to mountains. Stopped at Outlet Mall in Woodburn for camera store. Picked up some accessories for the new DSLR and my film cameras. Nice chat with the store person. Did not stop at all the rest stops today. Most not so interesting scenery anyway. They seem to be closer together than use to going in southern direction. 

The stop for lunch also had three bus loads of high school students stopping. Traveling for Friday night football games I guess. With all the girls from the buses I decided to use the rest rooms away from main area. It was a nice walk. There was a solar equipment area in that back area. Interesting set up. 

Driving through Portland was interesting. Lots of traffic. Direction sign were clear and made the drive through less stressful. Some really interesting buildings. Much more mountainous after Portland. 

No plans to post tomorrow. I will be attending a seminar for alternative health business that I'm looking into becoming more active in doing. It will be long day with long drives. Take care.

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