12 September 2013

Forks Trip Day 9

As end of day 8 post stated, I started today out working on the pictures posts and day 8 post. It was cloudy all day and comfortable temperature. About noon I got out and started Twilight tour with a stop at the Chamber of Commerce. There are two red trucks in their parking lot. One is movie version and one the book version. 

Their door sticks a little and person on other side helped out...Jacob with Nessie. Victoria and James were there as well. All looked good. Actor Jacob a little too short and young looking for the character. Victoria had a real edge to her and kind of constantly looking around for escape routes. Got the info needed from the CC. Looked into the lumber museum. Had a nice chat with lady there. There are two hiking loops. One is about half mile, no mileage given for the other one. Will have to go back and do at least the half mile one. There are some old machinery on display by the museum. 

Then went hunting for a new chain for glasses as one broke. Thiftway didn't have any so the lady called the local pharmacy store and yes they had some. So off to visit there. Chatted with one of the pharmacy staff. Then over to the Native to Twilight store. Found a nice dark grey zippered jacket with native design on the back. It is lightweight jacket replacing old one that has seen better days. Also found some huckleberry candy. Jacob, Nessie, James, Victoria, Esme and Carlisle were also in the store. 

Then time for the Meet and Greet Olympic Coven formally at Mill Creek Bar and Grill.  They were late. Busy place, food available. Closed in with lots of talking so kind of loud. Hard to hear when tried chatting with a small group. Left to find food elsewhere. Not really comfortable in bars. 

Had dinner at Sully's Burgers. Good salmon burger, not what I ordered, but good. Wanted the Bella burger, meat with pineapple. Drove around to find a couple more spots didn't see in earlier drive. Found the "Cullen home", Swan residence, hospital, park, high school, police station, city hall. 

Left car at motel and walked to where the prom was to be at to help with decorating. Blew up balloons, separated strings of lights and helped put them up. Wind came up so had to herd the balloons back together. Moved tables and chairs out to prom area. Oh, the prom was held out doors. 

Never got back to room to change into fancy clothes. Stayed in Mrs Cope outfit - black slacks, purple polo shirt. Actually got cool once sun set. Chatted with a local radio station staff person around to cover the event while wait for further directions after lights strung up. After about an hour of prom I decided to come back to room. I was in observation mode, not interact mode. The coven folks all looked good. Edward arrived without Bella initially - crossed signals getting the actors together before arriving. 

Tomorrow Forever in Forks events happen - breakfast and then picnic lunch at La Push with SMD La Push adventure after the picnic. SMD2013 events start up in town. They finally published a combined schedule on Tuesday I think. Did find out that the two local groups do indeed not like each other and do not necessarily play nice together. Sad. It would benefit both to work together and still provide both types of experiences. That's all for today. Good night. Take care. Wishing I had some of you with me. 


  1. Looks like they had quite a few of the characters there. I wonder where they found all the actors.

    It is really sad that the groups don't get along. I hope you'll still be able to do the things you want.

    I hope you're having a really great day today!

  2. I wish I was with you too Pam! Have a wonderful time tomorrow and it sounds fun bumping into the actors. Sorry the "Families" don't like each other! Make sure you have a lot of fun for me too.
    Love ya