11 September 2013

Trip to Forks Day 4 and 5

Saturday 7 September was day 4 of trip and spent driving to Bellevue Washington for a seminar on an alternative health business, more on that at some later date maybe. It was an interesting drive. The people I was staying with mentioned the traffic being a problem even on a Saturday. It was at least 1.5hr drive. They did not mention nor did my friends that use to live there ever mention fog being a problem. It was foggy and really thick in places. Got to Bellevue and missed the exit...off next one and backtrack. Got there in plenty of time. The seminar was interesting. Heard lots on things, most still settling into brain to really learn it. Chatted with some nice folks at lunch. Drive back was equally interesting. Forgot I needed gas before got on freeway...warning light reminded me, only the second time in four years. Saw a gas station on corner where I got off the freeway, but no way to get there from where I was....so down one street and two U turns later at the station. Stopped for dinner before getting back to Chehalis. Lots of "fun" driving today. Really be glad to get to Forks and stay in one place for a few days with minimal driving I hope.

Sunday 8 September was day 5 of trip. Went to church with folks staying with. Home for lunch - grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob! Good salad to complete the meal. We played three games of 'Sorry'....he won all three. Light evening food and bed kind of early. "Exciting day", much needed after all that stuff on Saturday. 

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