17 September 2013

Forks Trip Day 11, Hoh Rainforest, FiF Party

My apology for the late post. I am not a good traveler anymore and things have just caught up and I’ve not been able to stay up to post after getting back to motel room about 2300hrs. Today is day 13 of trip and I’m going to spend this morning catching up on days 11 and 12. This is being prepared off line due to internet connection being down, so hopefully it will be back before I’m done working off line. Thank you for your patience.

Attending Bella’s First Hunt at the Hoh Rain forest was the morning activity. It is about a 30 mile drive, but takes almost an hour to drive. It was cloudy until crossed the boundary for the park area and the sun started breaking through the clouds. A small group of us were gathered at the Visitor’s Center waiting for the Olympic Coven to arrive. After about 15 minutes I decided to go on without them. I was there to see the forest not the Coven. The Hall of Mosses seemed about the right length for time available. It was beautiful. Green mostly. Ancient, even the moss felt ancient.

The Olympic Coven with larger group of fans was on way up as I was finishing. They posed on the trail where our paths crossed. I took a couple of pictures – a nice one of Alice and Rosalie. Victoria and James were stalking the humans. Victoria was wearing a green t-shirt and with her red hair, further up the trail she’ll blend in well with the changing maple trees. Caught James hiding behind a tree and brush. Chatted with the James actor before he had to get back to stalking the humans. He is from a forest area and misses the trees and all. I posted all the pictures of the Olympic Coven as separate two separate posts.

There were a couple of stores on the way in and I stopped on the way out. Kind of fun mix of tourist souvenirs and hiking/camping equipment. There was a small open air market by Chamber of Commerce with some interesting vendors.

The costume contest was nearly over by time I got there. There were some good costumes. Emmett was arm wrestling fans at same time. The Coven ladies were the costume contest judges and the Coven guys were supporting Emmett.

There was a group photo at the Forks High School with the Olympic coven. Very large group. I wonder how the photographer got us all in. It will be interesting to see once it gets on SMD web site or Facebook page. 

Time for a break and get ready for the big Forever in Forks party tonight. Got dressed up with excellent reason to wear my Twilight jewelry. The tables were crowded together in the Elks Club. There were water glasses set on table, but no water. Tables off to side had the silent auction and raffle items on display. I bid on a travel mug with hot chocolate packets and was the final bid. All proceeds are going to Stand Up 2 Cancer. There were two photo booths set up – one inserted you into forested area with FiF 2013 at bottom, the other took four shots and provided props to play with. Yes, I did both and no intention of sharing with anyone. I don’t do goofy or play act well.

The music was loud so hard to talk and hear each other. With closed packed together tables it was hard to move around. I found a seat and mostly stayed there. They had to set up another table for ticket holders to sit and eat and one for the musicians to display their CD’s for sale. It was close to 1930hrs when dinner was served. No announcement was made to whole group, just to those by the buffet tables or at least I did not hear any announcement. People started getting food and others realized food ready.
The food was good and hot or cold as suppose to be. There were a couple of different salads, rice and shrimp dish, tomato and sausage soup, potato and cheese bake, vegetable medley, rolls, mushroom ravioli and salmon cakes. Most of us at our table didn’t care for the soup, various reasons. Everything else was good. Desert was sort of simple compared to what we had at the picnic, very nicely decorated cupcakes.

The no announcement thing happened again when the musician guests started playing. All so loud hard to tell when the music went from recorded DJ to the live musicians. The room barely quieted. I felt sorry for the performers with that competition. Cider Sky was the first to perform and then Iko. Both groups only played three or four songs as part of concert. To me it was more dinner theatre than concert, but I’ve been out of live music performances for long time. After the live performance the music went to karaoke. The only song I recognized was “Proud Mary”. There were children in the group and at least one song had explicit language warning with the words. A lot of the young women there were wearing outfits that covered about as much as Tina Turner’s outfits usually did and maybe still do.

The Hoh Rainforest trip, costume contest and arm wrestling were arranged by the Stephenie Meyer Day group and the party was part of the Forever in Forks package. FiF also had a showing of both parts of Breaking Dawn that started at same time as Bella’s First Hunt. There was another party held by the Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 group that had The Hillywood Show ladies as a guest. I was going to try to make it over there too, but didn’t. I didn’t stay at the party for the raffle or to see if the Hindi Sisters made it to that party too. Apparently Eric Odom and Jack Morrissey showed up to both parties. He played Peter in BD2 and Jack Morrissey is Bill Condon’s partner. I did not see either one of them. I stayed as late and as long as I could take the loudness.

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  1. Thanks for the photos of the rain forest. I've mostly been to the redwoods, but I'm sure the rain forest is another place I probably could have stayed awhile.

    I'm glad you got to do the dinner even though it was so noisy. I've been involved with performers when people are doing other things rather than just listening. It stinks that no one can hear the music you're making, because most of the time it's being performed from the heart.