12 September 2013

Forks Trip Pictures Day 7

On hike at Dungeness Spit

Bright orange mold on hike

Almost to the beach

Thought of the meerkats from "An Unexpected Woman" by Sandi Layne


My friend Gwen

Lake Crescent reminds me of "Emeralds to Rubies" by Katmom

I made it!


  1. LOL Thank you for the nod, Pam. :) Ah, the meerkats. I had no idea anyone else would find them amusing. :)

  2. Beautiful place for a hike. Great photos! I'm sure you took a few more than that though.
    How long have you been working toward the day you would drive past this sign?

    1. First heard about SMD back in March. My decision to come started end of June...read my earlier posts on how/why and planning. Would reply directly if knew who left the comment.