20 September 2013

Forks Trip day 17, starting home

Abby Weyr Forks Trip Day 17 starting home 20 September 2013

It was pouring rain this morning. Fortunately by time I got all packed up the rain had decreased to intermittent. On the road heading south on 101. It is kind of strange seeing a two lane 101, when so use to four or six or eight lanes. Rain started up again and let up as driving in and out of rain bands. 

As driving around the area, most times all you see is a narrow V of sky. The trees are so close to the road and so tall that is all you can see. Trees are everywhere it seems. There are some clear cut patches. You can see where on the mountain side it had be clear cut - size of trees makes a very clear line of where cut. Sometimes the trees are a little shorter or further back from the road and you can see wider sky above. 

I drove slower than most wanted, so if had a line behind me I would pull over at turn out and let them pass. Especially with the wet roads and unfamiliar territory I wanted to drive more carefully. Also slower helps in seeing the sights. With the clouds not much to see. When did have some clearing, you could see wisps of clouds being pulled upward. Looked dramatic. Didn't stop to take pictures. Not a lot of places to be able to do that. Wonder if a motorcycle would be better as needs less space to pull over. I imagine my mother rolling over in her grave at me driving a motorcycle. 

Decided to stop in Astoria, Oregon. Went through a lot of low lands with sloughs and creeks and rivers. Different from all the forested mountain lands. There is a Lewis and Clark National Park close to Astoria. There was a rest stop shortly before crossing the bridge from Washington to Oregon that had some interesting info on L&C. The Columbia River is wide and calm at this point. 

Tomorrow is Tillamook and Newport. Decide if continue on 101 or swing over to I-5. I'm missing my bed and a really good nights sleep. 

Take care until next update. 

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  1. It'll likely be raining off-and-on coming south. It's raining in Redding right now, but it's supposed to clear up by tomorrow.
    I like the motorcycle comment. My mom did too, but she was still alive! :)