12 September 2013

Trip to Forks Day 8

Hiking day for 11 Sep 13, Day 8 of trip. Gwen and I planned to meet up in the Sol Duc Hot Springs area. That didn't work out as planned. We missed each other and then lost cell service. I enjoyed some hikes and views along the way to the hot springs. I stopped at the Salmon Cascades Exhibit. Nice little hike to get closer to water. 

The ranger said that some salmon have been spotted here, but none around when I was. The next stop was the Ancient Grove loop. The trail head was a little hard to find, but well worth the hike. 

New trees growing out of old ones.

 Beautiful overhead canopy.

I stopped and looked around at the Ranger Station. Picked up a better map of park and book on easy day hikes. Then to the springs. Sulfur smell hit you when first walk in. Then drive a little further to get to the Sol Duc Falls trail head. Magnificent falls at the end and some little ones on creeks along the way. 

This last one is a little creek falls along the way. Ate lunch at the end before hiking back to car. Chatted with some folks from Wisconsin on the way back. They are out visiting National Parks. 

Went out to La Push and First Beach before returning to motel. Finally saw some fog and cooled down. Sequim was warm to hot. Today was warm. Even under tree canopy it was comfortable without a jacket of any kind. 

Chatted with the Twilight tour guide. Thought about doing that in the morning. Instead I stayed in and updated the blog. I had dinner at the waterfront restaurant. Very good clam chowder. Went to Thriftway to pick up snack stuff I've run out of. Evening spent updating this blog. Now I'm all caught up, so time to get out there and see stuff. Take care. 


  1. Beautiful scenery! I had no idea!

    1. It is beautiful. Lots of green, just like Bella said. Calm and peaceful under the majestic trees. Hopefully more beautiful scenery to come as the trip continues.

  2. I love these kinds of places. Thanks for the photos. Everything else was sunny, but it looks like you didn't see much of First Beach.

  3. These are beautiful perfect pictures of Washington. These are such good shots! Glad your having fun!