11 September 2013

Forks trip day 6 and 7

Monday 9 September was day 6 of trip. This was day to see a bit of my past. I recently found some old photographs including one that had written on back "Our first home 1948" and the address in Tacoma Washington. This would be the home that they were living in when I was born. Dad was stationed at Ft Lewis and I was born at the base hospital. There are some pictures of me soon after mom and I were home from hospital and then at 18 weeks old inside the home. 

I sent a postcard to the current residences saying I was going to be in the area and would like to take pictures to go with the old B&W images. I had no trouble finding the place. Currently painted yellow, Mom would like that. She would like the pink flamingos in the yard too. There is a garage and a large tool shed that wasn't there. I knocked on door and let them know I was here and make sure no problem taking the pictures. As I was getting ready to leave, so were they so chatted a bit. It is their first home. Fireplace hasn't been used in 30 odd years, but otherwise in good shape. They had just moved in three weeks ago, about the time I sent the post card. The previous owner had been there for 35+ years. So at least one other owner between my parents and the current couple. 

My parents moved before I was a year old, Dad was transferred to Korea in October 1950, Mom moved to Pasadena California to be closer to both sides of family. I didn't expect to feel anything about the house. It was interesting seeing it live in person. 

Before leaving Tacoma I called a friend that now lives in Sequim. She offered her place to spend one or two nights. I told her had to stop at Port Orchard and be in Sequim in the late afternoon. On the road again.

Crossed over some large expanses of water. The second one was the Hood Canal. Significant in fan fiction story "What Drives Her" by Virginia May. The image in my head from her story was lots different from reality. Say canal to me and think of Venice, Italy or Florida developments with canals to give river access to more homeowners. The real Hood Canal is wide and big with long floating bridge across it. 

Port Orchard was quaint and nice. The part I saw was nothing like Cedar Cove as shown on the Hallmark Channel series. I can see where Debbie Macomber would be inspired by the location and maybe the books match up with reality better. Port Orchard has much more of a marina and more than just personal boat marina than Cedar Cove has. Glad I stopped and looked around and had lunch. 

Made one other stop at Shine Beach, west end of Hood Canal bridge. Driftwood and sea shell pictures. Then on to Sequim. Had a good evening with friend Gwen. She borrowed New Moon from a neighbor and we watched it in the media room, maybe 50 seat theater with big screen monitor. 

She has a small one bedroom apartment in a senior complex. The couch was comfortable enough, but not wide enough. I fell off when turning over during the night. So when got up called Forks Motel to see if arrive a day early and acceptable - apparently I had forewarned them I might do that. Once Gwen was up, we went to Dungeness Spit. Nice hike to beach and along the spit for a bit. We did not go to the lighthouse. This was another case of image not matching reality. Gwen had mentioned beach and shops, that got mashed together in my head and I wore inappropriate shoes for what we had. More driftwood pictures. We walked back via the longer horse trail. 

We went to a U-Pick farm after that. Gwen wanted some blueberries. I got some interesting pictures of blackberries. They had vines for raspberries and huckleberries too. You could pick corn and lavender also. Nice set up. 

Lunch and back to apartment for me to leave and Gwen had a memorial service to go to. We agreed to met at the Sul Duc hot springs area tomorrow. On to Forks! Drive was good and easy to start. Beginning to wonder about the winding roads...that started by Lake Crescent. The lake reminded me of "Emeralds to Rubies" story by Katmom. Long and narrow. Stopped a couple of place to take pictures. And then there was the flag man with one way traffic somewhere ahead. Never did see it the one way traffic and any construction. Maybe our group was the last one for the day?

Now there is construction going on the Calawah River bridge right before enter Forks that requires you to slow to 10mph crossing the bridge. Not best time for that to be happening with big crowd coming in over the next few days. Stopped and took picture of Welcome to Forks sign. Found the Forks Motel and got a nice ground floor room away from highway. Spent evening unpacking looking for ankle braces to wear hiking tomorrow, instead of writing these updates. 

These post are going up with only me rereading them once or twice. If any errors or something not clear please let me know so I can correct. 


  1. That's great about your house, and that you got to see that piece of your history. I'm glad you've got pictures of the house past and present. I hope you got one with you in it.

  2. No pictures of me. I didn't think to ask the current residents.