20 September 2013

Trip to Forks Day 16, Last Day in Forks

Forks Trip Day 16, Thursday 19 September 2013 Last day in Forks

Updated General remarks at the bottom at 8pm, 19 Sep

The last day in Forks was a quiet relaxing day packing and taking a couple of hikes around town. It was a very clear sunny day. The afternoon had a little breeze but still short sleeve weather. Walked to City Hall / Police Station / Water department to get my Water Dept souvenirs – water bill, police pen, and junior police badge. Charlene mentioned that they had those on the tour Sunday evening. Walked a little further to the Miller Tree Inn to take some pictures in nice weather. The chain saw carving in really interesting. Stopped at Post Office for box or two to send stuff home.

Back at motel it did take two boxes. No sense keeping the fancy dress clothes for the parties with me and way too many books. Also sent some dirty clothes home that need to be line dried. Packed up suitcase and various odds/ends stuff.

Went for another walk, this time to the Olympic Sporting Goods store to see if they had any hiking sticks – ones with pointed end. There was no sign with hours and the door was locked. Then I walked on down to the True Value Hardware store. They were sold out of what they had. On to Chinhook Pharmacy for alcohol, my little bottle was nearly empty due to the hurt ear lobe. They are preparing for Home Coming celebration next weekend. The stores decorate inside and the windows and are judged on team spirit display. Nice chat with the cashiers.

One last drive to gas station then to Thriftway for couple of pictures of signs. Last stop was the Visitor info for their nature loop. A pleasant way to end the day and visit.

General miscellaneous comments about Forks Washington that may not have been previously mentioned.

There is more than one stop light – there is a flashing yellow light for emergency vehicles to use to stop traffic when needed.

All you have to do is stand close to the cross walk and cars stop to let you cross. I was amazed.

Everyone is friendly. Willing to chat a bit and share things about the town. They all embrace the Twilight phenomenon. I never got the impression that anyone thinks we are weird or anything for being so caught up with a series of books about vampires and werewolves.  

The people at the Forks Motel have been great. The room has been great. The shower head is half step down from wonderful – doesn’t have a massaging setting. There isn't a desk, but the table and chair are good height for using the computer as I have. There are enough outlets and easy to reach. The refrigerator was really useful; there is a microwave too. They have a little store for souvenirs and light meals and snacks that came in handy. I’ve been a happy camper here!

It is a small town. It is quaint. It is quiet and slow. It is a nice place to live.
I’ve had a very enjoyable visit, but it is time to head home. I’ll update as I have available internet connection. Hope you have enjoyed the visit along with me. Take care.


  1. I lived in/near a town Kindergarten through 5th grades, where life was kind of small town, like Forks. (Including the logging trucks.) Yes, it was a good place to live.

    Now, I don't know how they would have felt about vampires and werewolves!

    Even though it wasn't perfect, I'm glad you had such a good time in Forks.

    Now you have the trip home! Enjoy! Post pictures! (Well, if I have to, I guess I can wait 'til you get home for the photos.)

  2. So glad your visit to Forks was so enjoyable. I loved it there even before I knew about Twilight! I love the small towns of Washington.

    Please drive safely and continue to enjoy your trip.