14 December 2016

So Cal trip post day 11: Now for the Home Work

There is the post trip process - sharing pictures and writing blog posts.  I do transfer images from camera memory card to computer on daily basis. Due to connection problems and lack of time and energy, sharing pictures and writing up blog posts usually has to wait until I get home and unpacked. So while doing laundry I posted some pictures to my Facebook account. I was asked to post all the Twilight related ones to an album in auction group and was able to do that as well.

I had not planned on writing blog posts on the trip, but the shared pictures generated some comments and so I started writing. I am OCD enough to write the whole trip, not just the Twilight part. Sharing pictures is totally different for me from sharing my words. Sharing my words is more personal. It is scary. I am more vulnerable with my writing. It takes a lot longer.

It was a wonderful birthday trip. So glad I took Jack Morrissey’s advice and went to the Twilight Live Auction event. I am glad that the visits with family and friends worked out around the event and the holiday weekend.

Thank you for reading and commenting on the pictures and the link to the blog posts, be it on my wall or in one of the groups. Just liking the FB post with the link to the blog post is wonderful. Thank you Jack and Lissy for approving the links to the group.

This is the last blog post about my Southern California trip. Now to write my Dear Santa letter and year in review letter. And then maybe my one shot fan fiction.

Acknowledgements and thanks to the following people for help with the blog posts: Karen Mah, for help in finding the Twilight Meadow and previewing that post
Adrienne Spykers and Lori Hurley Wright for previewing the auction post.
Christine Bentley Johnston for previewing most all the other ones and general encouragement.
Any errors after their preview are all mine. 

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy all the other Holidays during this time!

Take care.

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