05 December 2016

So Cal trip Day 2a: Overlooks and Griffith Park Observatory

Friday started early with sun leaking around the window coverings, the problem of east facing windows. It was a pretty sunrise with reflections off the buildings. These are pictures from our window.

I had breakfast in room with food I had brought. Sharon was going to a Gilmore Girls event and I was off to drive Mulholland Drive. I headed west on Hollywood Blvd to Laurel Canyon Blvd north to Mulholland Drive. There are two overlooks – Universal City and Hollywood Bowl/Sign – with pull outs. The Universal City pull out was on the other side of road and since there was some filming going on, parking was lacking. Took some general scenic pictures and some with TCTigger and Eeyore. 
Universal City Overlook

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Sign in distance

TCTigger & Eeyore

Then to Griffith Park Observatory. Long drive through the park to get to the observatory. The outside has been seen in lots of movies and some TV series. I was blessed in finding a parking spot in their parking lot. There is a good view of the Hollywood sign as well as the LA Basin from the parking lot and terrace. There are some wonderful displays in each wing and downstairs. I did not see any of the film shows they have. They have a cafĂ© and there was not much available for gluten/dairy free diet. As I was walking up to the gift shop, they posted a sign saying ‘closed due to computer problem, sorry for inconvenience’. L I had hoped to buy some postcards and see what else they might have of interest. Took some pictures inside and outside. My favorite display was the elements one. 
Hollywood Sign from GPO

Front of GPO

From the right side

my favorite

Cool Periodic Table

After the observatory I went to find the area where the Twilight meadow was actually filmed at Wilson golf course. That adventure has its own separate post, day 2b. 

After eating dinner at the golf course, I went back to hotel and gave up my car again. Separation anxiety. Went out to investigate where the auction would be taking place, Chinese Theater and the Hollywood / Highland complex. There were two costumes inside the Chinese Theater lobby that we were suppose to be able to see. I was refused entrance this evening. I was directed to the third floor where the auditorium was for the auction the next two days. While there I ran into Jack and the FTF group and some others. They were on way to dinner and I was invited along. Too late for me to eat, but did enjoy the company and conversation. [need to take better notes of things like this as I can't remember who all was there now.]

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