14 December 2016

So Cal trip day 11: Homeward bound via coast

Sunday, 27 November, started early about 0130hrs. It was raining when I woke up. Packed up overnight things. Pulled off bed sheets and along with towels were put in laundry room. Packed up cold items. When ready to load up car the rain had stopped. I was on the road about 0300hrs. Gave me two hours to get to other side of LA before hopefully most people getting up and started home after holiday weekend.

Happy Birthday to me! This introvert welcomed the quiet and alone time for the drive home. Enjoyed the time visiting with Twilight folks and family and friends, but time to get some serious quiet time to recharge. I tried playing some music and turned it off after a song or two. 

Traffic increased around Long Beach along with starting to rain again. I had checked weather at various points along the way, so it wasn’t unexpected. It rained off/on up to Morro Bay. Traffic decreased some after passing LAX and even less once on 101 Northbound. Stopped for breakfast in Ventura about 0700hrs. Sun was lighting the sky a bit too, so wouldn’t miss the pretty scenery on the rest of the trip. Debated stopping and doing coastal highway with fresh start on Monday. Debated keeping to 101 all the way home. Decided to go west at San Luis Obispo to see at least Morro Bay and make final decision from there.

Even before SLO the first stop was Pismo Beach. A high school classmate, Barry Anderson, use to live there most of the time. Visited the pier there. Looked a little familiar from all the pictures Barry had shared of his surfing in the area. There is a flag pole that honors the military with a unique ‘base’. 

The major rain band was between SLO and Morro Bay. Heavy downpour, could barely see for brief time, slowed way down along with others on the road. And then….clear as a bell, beautiful blue sky a few miles from Morro Bay. Looked clear rest of way up the coast, so onward we go. Stopped at some pull outs to take pictures. 

Stopped at Hearst Castle Visitors Center for lunch and a little shopping. The history is interesting. For some reason I’ve never really been interested in seeing the ‘castle’ itself. There was an elephant seal area a little further north. That was interesting – males only on land at this time. The females are at sea feeding and growing babies. They were just laying there sleeping all bunched together. The wind was really blowing, hard to stand up straight up. Continued on with frequent stops until twilight and time to keep moving. Stopped in Monterey for car gas and dinner. Decided worth it to drive on home. Arrived home about 2000hrs (8pm). 

the 'castle' up on hill

new favorite

other new favorite

Home! Unloaded cold items, computer, pillow. To bed after checked in with travel companions via computer. I had put on the new flannel sheet set before I left. It was wonderful to get into my bed with those new sheets!

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