13 December 2016

So Cal trip day 7-10: Family and Friends

Wednesday, 23 November, was day to travel to Oceanside to stay with aunt and uncle, Robert and Patti Rice, for a few days. Shower knob worked this morning. Used time for breakfast and loading car to make sure left after the morning commute or at least decrease traffic some. Pleasant drive south. Thought about stopping at San Juan Capistrano Mission and decided to skip that. Not much else to stop and see between Anaheim and Oceanside.

Wonderful to see aunt and uncle again. We sat and chatted after I unloaded cold stuff and suitcases need for the few days. Before leaving home there had been discussion on new diet and foods I could eat, I said that it would be easier if just bought some once there. Patti had bought a couple of things anyway. Sweet of her.

We went to see movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I am not much into the Harry Potter world. I knew the movie was out and tied to HP and that was about all. It was enjoyable. Dinner at Sizzler after the movie. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. Originally my Arizona nephew, his wife and mother-in-law were going to be with us, but there was a conflict and they couldn’t make it after all. It didn’t make sense to do big turkey dinner for just the three of us, so we went to Marie Calendar’s for our turkey dinner. We headed out to enjoy the nice weather with a stop at Oceanside Pier first. The dinner was good. There was a Sprouts store across the road, so I got some more gluten and diary free items there. We had dessert at home.

Friday was day to meet up with friend Dawn Rosencrance and her niece Peyton Hawkins visiting from home, which is just down the street from my home. Dawn had recovered enough from being sick to venture forth if simple. I had to borrow a TShirt because what I had put on was way too warm for the sunny weather we had. We fixed sandwiches and off on a little road trip. First stop was the San Diego Temple, then to Torrey Pines Beach. We spread out blankets and sat and talked and eventually ate our sandwiches and water. It was great! The tide was coming in and we decided it was time to leave before we got wet feet.

Dawn, Peyton, me
Saturday Robert, Patti and I were up early to go to San Diego Zoo. Robert and Patti are long time members. My feet were kind of tired from all walking done already on trip and there are some hills in the park, so we each got a scooter. First stop was the overhead tram ride to get an overview of the park. Then Kangaroo bus to the polar bears. They are more active first thing in morning. One was showing off while the other two were stretched out relaxing on rocks. Found out they feed them a low fat diet to help them tolerant the warmer weather. Moved on to watch them work with some maned wolf. Then to cats and panda bears. Fit lunch in there somewhere. The clouds had gotten heavier looking and we were getting tired so turned in the scooters and headed out via the stores at gate. It started to rain as we walked to the second store and everyone started leaving. It took some time to get out of parking lot. It was a good day!

maned wolf

relaxing polar bear

I was leaving early, 0300hrs, on Sunday to avoid any LA holiday going home traffic. So once we got back to their home, I started packing up. Stopped raining and loaded up car with everything but what need in overnight and in morning and food. Bed early. 

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  1. Hi Abby, I have just finished reading and looking over the blogs of your latest trip. I just want you to know I feel like i was with you though I know it would be different if you and I were exploring together!