05 December 2016

So Cal trip Day 2b: Twilight meadow scene

I had called earlier in the week to determine which of the four (4) golf courses was used to film the meadow scene in Twilight. You may remember they had snow the night before filming it in Oregon...just a little difficult to fake spring meadow under those circumstances. The info available only said that it was actually filmed in an area knows as Redwoods on a golf course in Griffith Park. Karen Mah and I looking at the various maps of the courses narrowed it down to the two most likely, Wilson or Harding. They are next to each other and share a starting office/clubhouse. Emily was the young lady I spoke with and confirmed that it is Wilson that has the area known as Redwoods along the first fairway. Emily suggested that when I came to talk with the guys that took care of the golf carts. One of them could likely take me to that area.

Unfortunately I had forgotten to print out the screen shots to match with live location and didn’t consult the computer before leaving in the morning. So if I was exactly in the right area I can’t say with certainty.

I found the starting office/clubhouse and asked for Emily. She was working and I introduced myself. She radioed the golf cart area and Jonathan came over. He was more than happy to take me to the area. I was giddy and giggly. He was very chatty and said that they do a lot of filming in that area. He wasn’t sure of exact spot for Twilight. He was driving so fast, my hat blew off and he zipped around to pick it up.  I’m not into costumes and props. The actual locations used for filming is much more interesting to me. It was fun knowing I knew something no one else had found and given specifics for.  For a little while I would be the only one knowing this and then happily share what learned.

He drove down the cart path on the left side about half way of the first fairway. There was a path into the wooded area that angled away from the fairway. A short distance into the trees it opened up with meadow like area on the right. He pulled around and parked. It looked like it could have worked for the meadow scene. One of the pictures of Catherine Hardwicke during filming shows the red roof tiles of the clubhouse in the background through the trees. The red roof tiles were barely visible now. I took pictures all around. Tigger and Eeyore were taken out of backpack and had pictures taken. Did I mention that I was giddy and giggling? Definitely not acting my grey haired age. Jonathan was cool about it all. Wish another Twilight fan could have been with me for this, but timing didn’t work out to connect with anyone this day.

It is hard to compare the area due to the grass carpet and flowers they laid out covering tree roots and fallen branches and the passage of 8-9 years. All in all, I think it is about 90% the correct spot after comparing my pictures to what others had posted and the one with Ms Hardwicke, sent to me by Charly D Miller, novelholiday.com.

Please do not try to walk to the area. Walking along a golf course can be dangerous. Please go talk to the golf cart people and get a ride. I was willing to tip Jonathan and he refused. He was just happy to help out. If they are busy, it might not be as true, but then ask when a better time would be. There is no need to be sneaky and devious to get there. Please be safe.
Entrance to golf courses

Starting office/clubhouse
me with TC Tigger & Eeyore

Update with the two pictures CD Miller sent me
Catherine Hardwicke

Bella and Edward


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing your Twi-adventure :-)

    ~ Tracie W.

    1. It was! Happy to share! One more Twilight related post to come on this trip. AW

  2. Thanks for all of this! I hope I can find it when I go out next week. You are the best for sharing!