13 December 2016

So Cal trip day 6: Disneyland and California Adventure

Tuesday, 22 November, Disneyland Day! Happy Birthday to me! Well a few days early. The whole trip is birthday present to me, but especially this day and the coastal drive home.

Not best start of the day when the knob you pull up on to get shower does not budge. Hard water deposit has it stuck. Called front desk and fortunately someone came within 10 minutes. The maintenance man even had trouble dislodging it.

There are shuttle bus routes that runs around the hotel area for Disneyland so one doesn’t have to travel by car to the park if staying close by. Started getting giddy and all as bus turned into the transport center. Busy as figured it would be. Security before getting tickets. Bought a one day park hopper ticket. 

First stop was the Soaring Around the World ride in California Adventure. I’d been on this in 2006 when just soaring over California and really neat ride. Looking forward to the around world experience. Chatted with family in front of me during the nearly hour wait to get in. They were from San Diego and both teachers, two children 8 and 11 or so. The ride was great and too short, ‘stops’ didn’t last long enough. I was in the front row, best place as not as far off the ground as the other rows. “We are not far off the floor.”was on replay in head. I am afraid of heights and it was nerve racking as it is really as if you were in a hang glider, but so worth it. My feet  moved out of the way on their own a couple of times.

After that ride around the world it was time for lunch and my very nice meal. Jack Morrissey had recommended the Carthay Circle in Cal Adventure. The menus were posted outside and there were a couple of GF possibilities. The restaurant in Cal Adventure is a recreation of theatre built in 1926 and where Disney’s Snow White and Seven Drawfs premiered in 1937. It was lovely inside. I came at a good time as there was no one waiting at the desk and only one other group seated waiting for a table. Checked in at desk and was asked about food allergies or diet restriction! Then asked if any special occasion! Replied that it was an early birthday meal. I was very impressed. More so when given the menu and the GF items pointed out! When the meal came it was literally flagged so that diet restrictions were met. The salad I ordered was missing the cheese it normal came with! The salmon and rice was delicious.

balcony where I ate at Carthay Circle
I walked around a little but was looking forward to Star Tours in Disneyland next. So hand stamped and show ticket across the plaza and in Disneyland. Checked out the shops on Main Street hoping to find some cards or at least postcards…not to be found. There was lots of candy, stuffed animals, souvenir clothing, etc. Finally got to Tomorrowland and Star Tours! Posted wait time was only 45 minutes and don’t think it was that long. The line broke in a way that I was free to choose which row I wanted to sit in. The back is the best for this ride, my feet barely touch the floor so feel the motion much more than if feet flat on floor. Very Happy! Cool and fun ride. Walked through the Space Trader shop. Nothing striking my fancy. On my way to the next stop saw an exhibit of Star Wars ships and costumes and droids. This was a surprise that I didn't know about. It was great to see the models kind of up close. The Path of Jedi movie was next on the list. I want that on DVD/Blu Ray! It is a mash up from all seven movies and fantastic!

By the time I came out of movie and got a bite to eat it was dark and cooler than what I was prepared for. Back to Space Trader and picked out a Rogue One sweatshirt. At a smaller shop found a couple of BB8 things that I also picked up. Cinderella’s castle was all lit up in blue and white for the holidays. Reflection in the moat was cool, but pictures didn’t turn out so good. Saw part of a parade as I was walking back to transportation center about 2000hrs (8pm). 

It was a wonderful day! On to Oceanside and San Diego tomorrow to visit family and friends.

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