01 November 2011

Twilight Tuesday 1 Nov 11

This is being posted soon after got home from the event.  I will review and may edit in the morning.  There are a couple of things that I don't recall details of, kind of hard to write in the dark.  Happy Birthday to me Part 1.   Wednesday morning Twilight Lexicon posted the favorite scene introductions by the four actors.

Twilight Tuesday 1 November 2011    Twilight

Jackson Rathbone introduced the special feature prior to the movie as something for the fans to enjoy and way to say thanks. 
All started with the Twilight trailer, which was then shown.
Then Nikki Reed introduced scenes from ComiCon 2008
            And full sequence of Robert Pattison playing Bella’ Lullaby
                        Apparently at school

Back to Jackson for favorite scene:  baseball game, he is not left handed so had to learn to hit lefty, fun with the baseball bat tricks

Back to Nikki and her favorite scene:  fixing dinner for Bella on her first visit to the Cullen family home -  first shot she actually cut her fingers and they just gave her some zebra stripped driving gloves to wear to cover it up, and also told to not get so close to Bella.

Julia Jones introduced her favorite scene:  when Bella walks into biology class first time.  [forgot what she said about it]

Booboo Stewart introduced his favorite scene:  the fight in ballet studio  [forgot what he said about it’

Jackson or Nikki introduced scenes from the premiere of Twilight, amazed at the fan support so big that early. 

Then Jackson wrapped up with intro to Breaking Dawn part 1 trailer, then Twilight movie.

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