30 October 2011

No Supernatural

Happy Halloween and Happy Celtic New Year and Happy Samhain!  I am not posting as regularly as originally planned, life happens.  No poems are in the making.  Thoughts generated by fan fiction reading is my treat for you today.

There are some stories about what would happen to Bella and Jacob if no supernatural in their world.  A couple that I have recently read are directly in response to Jacob’s comments in Eclipse about them being just right for each other – chapter 26 Ethics, pg 598-9 paperback - and all the fans that want Bella with Jacob.  Both of these stories have Bella being killed in the school parking lot her second week in Forks.  There would have been no chance for Bella and Jacob as they wouldn’t have even met. 

These two stories figure that the accident would have happened anyway – weather would have been the same with or without supernatural.  I think that the Jacob/Bella fans are assuming that the accident would not happen, thus giving Bella and Jacob the chance to meet and fall in love. 

My thoughts are similar and different.  The accident was set up to expose Edward’s extra speed to Bella.  If there were no supernatural, Bella would not be a danger magnet, klutzy yes but not a danger magnet.  My assumption is that the accident would not have happened.  So what would life in Forks area be like with no Cullen’s, no supernatural, but still keep some points of the books? 

Bella would have gone dress shopping with friends and they would have run into car problems.  She would have gone to Seattle rather than the dance and had problems with her truck on the road.  These two incidents would prompt her to start learning about car / truck maintenance.  Her dad and then Jacob would be her instructors.  [Idea from What Drives Her by Virginia May that fits too well to ignore the likelihood of it happening.]

Similar to the books this is how Bella and Jacob would have become friends.  Jacob would have fallen for her.  Bella would not have fallen for him.  The two year difference in ages would have been one consideration.  The friendship she has with Jacob would have helped Bella come out of her shyness to some degree.  He would be a good younger friend.  She would have learned about the Indian culture and heard lots of stories about reservation life.  This would have sparked her interest in recording the stories and histories,

Leah and Sam would have stayed together and married.  Harry would have a heart attack and died.  Sue and Charlie would have gotten together.  Jacob would graduate from high school and community college and opened auto shop in the Forks area.

Bella would have stayed in Washington for college.  She would have blossomed in college.  I see her getting a degree in English with either anthropology or journalism minor.  She would have met someone in college, likely they were majoring in her minor.  They would have gone on to graduate school and / or worked on gathering stories and histories of Native Americans and published.  The intent would be to bring to general public these stories and need to help preserve these cultures – becoming something of an activist.  They would travel for awhile and settle eventually into teaching somewhere and raise a family.  Still travel and publish just not as constantly as beginning of their married life.  Perhaps Bella would become a fiction writer as well as her non-fiction Native American writings. 

In a narrow life Bella and Jacob might have ended up together.  They likely would have been happy.  Bella would have been somewhat unfulfilled, if she recognized it or not, I’m not sure.  Going to college would open Bella to more of life and she would have begun to see the male chauvinism that Jacob had in him and not accepted it.  They would remain good friends.  Jacob would find a nice girl to marry and settle down to raise family.  The Olympic peninsula would remain home for Bella and her family even if lived some place else.

That is how I imagine things would have gone if no supernatural in their lives.  

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