08 November 2011

Twilight Tuesday 8 Nov 11

Twilight Tuesday, New Moon

Same as last time, being posted soon after getting home from the event.  There were about 15-20 people in the theatre.  That is smaller than I expected.  I thought the word would have gotten out and more people would be there.  Maybe the crowd won't happen until Breaking Dawn.

Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed were the two actors for the special footage before the film.  Jackson started off with acknowledging the fan support being how got to second film.  There were a few clips from ComiCon 2009.  Ashley Green with shoulder length hair.  Kristen Stewart with her Runaways hair.  Amazed at the fan support even after the year before.  Some clips from filming in Italy were shown - Chris Weitz commenting on secret American/Canada locations but here had thousands of people to watch.   They used winners of fan contests as extras in the St Marcus Day celebration.  Had clip of Robert as stepping out from clock tower with the dots all over to use when put the sparkle in later.  Also showed some clips from premiere.

Jackson and Nikki both narrated Jackson's favorite scene in New Moon.  It is the birthday party scene when Jasper goes all feral from a little paper cut.  Nikki mentioned that it was a late night filming and they were all kind of tired and punchy.  She would look away as a way to keep Rosalie in serious mode, liked looking at Emmett.  Both mentioned how this scene shows just how dangerous vampires can be.  [Bella pay attention.]

That is all I can remember.  If TL has a report from someone take better notes, I'll edit this.

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