05 July 2017

Eclipse poem

TWS Eclipse poem
By Abby Weyr
4 July 2017
For FTF early July contest

Two supernatural beings
Vie for the love of one
Human girl.
One is ice cold
One is fire hot
She loves both, but not the same.
Who will be her forever choice?

One snowy June night
On a mountain side
We find out which one loves
Her more and wants the best
For her.
Will she remember those words
In the morning?

She tests the bonds with one
And kisses the other.
Yet, that kiss only reinforces
The bond and choice for
The cold one.
But now he is not so sure of
Her choice of him.

The shape shifter is injured in battle
With newborns to protect her.
Her choice made she says good bye to him.
She cries in the arms of the cold one.
Not only for the loss of a friend, but for
All that she will lose choosing the cold one
To be with forever.

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