21 July 2012

Story Recommendations: Cullen and Holmes by persephonesfolly

To continue on with Twilight mysteries, there are three stories with Carlisle Cullen and Sherlock Holmes by persephonesfolly. These are not strictly canon as Carlisle came to America well before Holmes' time, but Carlisle is within canon character.  There is a bonus mystery with Carlisle and Edward working alone.  All four stories are rated T and are multiple chapters. The first one is on both R&T and FFn. In December 2011 another of her stories was  recommended, Christmas in Ashland. She has written some other enjoyable stories that you can find on her profile. Today is mystery day. I love mysteries and having my favorite vampires working with Sherlock Holmes is a real treat. Hope you enjoy too.  Comments are appreciated by the author on the individual stories and by me at the bottom.  

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/854398/persephonesfolly http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twilight/viewuser.php?uid=6389

Dr Cullen, I Presume?
When a patient goes missing, what's a vampiric doctor to do?  Consult the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes, of course. 
Rated PG13 / T with 4 chapters


A Mystery in Windermere
In all my years among the undead, I've never met anyone quite like Sherlock Holmes. When he called for my assistance in a perplexing case of murder, how could I refuse? 
Rated PG13 / T with 5 chapters

A Chicago Story
Chicago 1912, a city rife with crime and secret societies, and Dr. Carlisle Cullen finds himself caught up in one of them.
Rated PG13 / T with 10 Chapters


Death and the Vampire
School life has its challenges, especially for a vampire like Edward, but throw a serial killer in the mix, and academia turns deadly.
Rated PG13 / T with 14 Chapters


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