24 July 2012

Author: Katmom

Katmom has 21 fan fiction stories for Twilight and Dragonriders of Pern on her Fanfiction.net profile. They are a mix of T and M rated stories. There is a mix of one chapter and multi chapter stories. Some are canon; some are very much in a different universe. Some are really just for fun -- beware of your sugar tolerance. There is one Pern story and one almost a crossover between Pern and Twilight.

Katmom writes happy ever after (HEA) and low angst stories. I’ve read all but four. Two of the stories I did read I do not like.  Both are well written. In one, the freedom to choose, was taken away from the characters, at least that is how I look at it. The other is just way too dark for my taste, unusual for Katmom.

She has a pet peeve list of spelling and misused words on her profile that needs a wide distribution to every new writer. She has written some stories from visual cues and has links to those on her profile. Six stories have won or placed for awards in the fandom community.

Stories with awards: Couple in the Woods, EAC: The Journal of Edward Cullen, Emeralds to Rubies, Fairies in Forks, The Gift of the Knife, and Guarding Edward

For fun: Fairies in Forks and Who Needs a Fairy Godmother?

Pern related: Dragon Stones and K’din Bronze Meertanth’s Rider

Five of my Favorites: Dragon Stones, EAC: The Journal of Edward CullenEmeralds to Rubies, Guarding Edward, and Letters from Esme

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