16 January 2012

Weekly story recommendation, 17 Jan 12

Siren Blood by MidnightWalking

The last chapter was recently posted of this story, 74 chapters long.  It is an alternate Universe, PG 13, pretty close to canon characters.  Edward meets Bella in Tacoma Washington in 1957.  The teenage slang is right on for the times, seamed stockings even make an appearance.  There are mysteries, romance, a very fun Emmett, and some new characters.  One mystery is not solved until the very last chapter.  It was a very enjoyable read and well worth the time.

Summary:  What if Edward and Bella really existed? What if someone wanted to share the love between Edward and Bella with the world? What if Stephenie Meyer’s dream was not by chance but through the manipulation of someone who wanted this story shared? What is their real story, and who wanted to share their story?

 Authors appreciate reviews of their stories and I appreciate comments on my blog posts.  Make your own recommendations in the comments.

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