06 January 2012

Book Movie Differences New Moon

Book Movie Differences New Moon

The next movie followed the book more closely than Twilight movie.  I listened to the audio book while doing some serious cleaning and then viewed the movie.  There are still a lot of differences, but more minor in nature.  So here is my list of picky differences:

*In the book Jacob doesn’t meet Bella in parking lot with birthday gift, just Alice and Edward and he goes along with no presents per her request. 
*Jasper was a year ahead of Alice and Edward so not around during their senior year.  Alice gave her gift out in parking lot, not in the school hallway.
*Romeo and Juliet movie was watched at Bella’s home not in class.  The teacher recommended the 1965 version, not the way earlier version shown in the movie.
*the truck radio was from Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper, no necklace from Rose
*Alice stayed a bit to help out with Bella’s injury in the book.
*It was a couple of days after the party that Edward said goodbye to Bella and he drove the Volvo to her home.
*Bella trips on roots or something not just collapse to forest floor.
*no emails to Alice in the book
*Bella doesn’t go on motorcycle ride with guy from bar after movie with Jessica.
*In the book she doesn’t see Edward, just hears his voice.
*She and Jacob are sneaky and hide working on the bikes.  And in books she likely leaves the truck window up most of the time.
*The movie group meets at Bella’s and ride to theatre in Jacob’s rebuilt VW Rabbit.
*Bella goes to see Jacob after his nighttime visit and they talk without any other pack members around.  Bella does not slap Paul.
*After their talk they go to meet up with the rest of pack.  Jacob and Paul get into fight there and Bella sees the transformation for first time.
*Harry Clearwater dies of heart attack when Leah and Seth phase the first time, not a confrontation with Victoria.  I like the movie idea better.
*Bella does not see Victoria in the water until Jacob carries her away to his home, where they fall asleep for few hours.
*Alice visits with Bella for couple days before Harry’s funeral and confrontation with Jacob after he answers the phone.
*Edward toss the phone away, not crush it as in the movie
*Bella leaving car and Alice is a little different
*Most of the conversation Edward and Bella have in alley way in the movie takes place in the book in her room after she wakes up from their return from Italy.
*the trip to throne room is different in the book and there are more people around
*No actual fight with Felix in the book.
*The throne room conversation is a little different.
*the movie is missing scenes:  plane trip to and from Italy
*The conversation Edward and Bella have in her room after their return in the book is spread between their reunion, her room, meeting with family and with Jacob in the movie.
*Rosalie apologizes in car at airport when the family picks them up.
*Vote is around table not in living room standing as in movie.  They must not have ever made the dining room set for the Cullen home.  None of the book scenes there are in any movie.
*the scene where Jacob, delivers the treaty reminder to Edward and Bella is near her home not in forest as Edward is driving her home from vote.  In the book he runs her to the Cullen home for the vote and back all during the night while Charlie sleeps.  In the book Jacob brings Bella’s bike to her home to show to Charlie and get her grounded so not able to see Edward a few days after the vote and Edward’s marriage proposal / negotiation.

Posting without comments from my prereaders, so all errors are all mine.  


  1. It didn't need much in proof reading but sorry my life gets busy too. Love ya CJ

  2. I enjoyed the review and your thoughts.
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