26 June 2013

Reasons for negativity around homosexual marriages

This was prompted by a friend on Facebook asking why the negatively around homosexual marriages. I posted the numbered comments in the comments under her post. Earlier in the day I had posted the other three items as my status. This all after the Supreme Court said DOMA and California Prop 8 were unconstitutional today. 

Under my friend's status: First let me make it clear I am for the same and equal rights for homosexual couples as heterosexual couples have. This issue would best be solved by changing the word ‘marriage’ in all legal documents to ‘civil union’. Current marriages would be grandfathered in and all new ones would have to have a civil union and then have the religious marriage. The negativity around homosexual marriage is 
1. a belief that marriage is a sacred union ordained of our Heavenly Father to be between man and woman only. Marriage is a religious ceremony, a religious covenant between man, woman and our Heavenly Father.
2. sexual intimacy is only proper between married couples.
3. assumption made that homosexual couples that are married will be engaging in sexual intimate activity and that behavior is wrong.
4. with homosexual marriage legally sanctioned we are being forced to accept a behavior that is wrong to be ok. ie white is now black and black is now white.
5. concern of what some homosexual activists will do to a church that believes a homosexual marriage is wrong and refuses to perform said marriage. Do not doubt that it will happen. Making homosexual marriage legal is an infringement on religious freedom.
6. if this was an issue of only same and equal rights, then they should have been fighting for a change in language from ‘marriage’ to ‘civil unions’. Forcing acceptance of a wrong behavior is a part and a goodly part of the issue.

Please see The Family Proclamation   http://www.lds.org/topics/family-proclamation

My status posts, first one:
So what happens when a gay activist couple decided to sue a church for not performing their marriage because the church believes it is a sin? And do not doubt for a minute that there is a couple out there right now that will do that. This is and will be an infringement on religious freedom.
It still seems to me that the best solution is to strike marriage from all laws and replace with civil unions that everyone has to get. Leave marriage to be a sacred religious union. That would give everyone the same legal right.
There is nothing wrong with being any sexual orientation. But our Heavenly Father has made it clear that marriage is a sacred union between man and woman and that sexual intimacy is only proper within the bounds of marriage. It is the behaviour not the being that is wrong.
I know there are those that will disagree with me. So be it.

Second one:
If the same sex marriage issue was about legal rights, then they should have been working to change the language to civil union in place of marriage. It is my recollection that at least one European country uses civil unions for legal definition and then the couple can get married in a religious ceremony. To me this issue or at least a goodly portion of it is about forcing those of us who believe homosexual behaviour to be wrong to accept it as right -- ie that white is black and black is white. I don't try to change other people's beliefs. I wish other people would not try to change mine.

Third one:
A couple of links about family and same sex attraction.


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