19 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie experience

I went to see the TWS marathon starting at noon on Thursday 15 November 2012. The line started forming about 9am. I got there closer to 10am. Chatted with folks standing or sitting around in the line. Had my picture taken in front of the BD2 stand up display in the theatre lobby. I wore my Twilight Mom workout slacks, TWM necklace, silver wolf earrings and BD1 T-shirt and silk thermals to keep warm - really glad I did, they were needed.

They started letting us into theatre about 1045hr. We got pink wrist bands and a nice lanyard as we went in. The lanyard had a placard with TWS Marathon BD2 15 Nov 2012 on one side and small images of all the movie posters on the other. Nice. I found a seat in very back row in corner next to projection outcrop, so could stand up if necessary during film. They did not check bags to confiscate outside food.

The same “First Look” was shown before each movie – boring after the first time.
Shown before each film was a short clip of Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Elizabeth Reaser talking about their Twilight experiences associated with each film. Nikki was really intense, Jackson really laid back, Liz the ‘interviewer’.
There was about 15 minutes between end of credits and start of “First Look” which gave us about 30 minutes between films.

I had a good time, chatting with neighbors off/on between films and just enjoying the films again. It was nice to see all on the big screen for one last time. There was about 45 minutes between BD1 and BD 2 – previews before BD2 started at 2200hrs which did not include The Host, did include The Hobbit and Mortal Instruments.

If you have not yet seen the movie and want to remain spoiler free, read no further. If you have seen it and really enjoyed and liked it and don’t want even a sprinkle of rain on your happy parade, read no further. I have already been hit up side of head figuratively for sharing why I have a different opinion when it wasn’t wanted. I hope my apology for that sharing will be accepted. From the comments that I’ve read on Twilight Lexicon about the movie, my opinion is a very small minority opinion.

Details about the movie and comparison to the book, some good, some not so good. My general disappointment level is decreasing as time passes. Posted today, Monday 19 Nov, on Fanfiction.net is a story that gives an acceptable explanation for movie/book reconciliation that has further decreased my disappointment level  by Camilla10 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8716970/1/Seeing-the-Wolves.

BD2 movie was good. I enjoyed it overall. The special effects were good; young Renesmee maybe was a little strange. Bella’s first hunt was terrific. The difference between book and movie is acceptable for better visual effect. Her meeting Renesmee the first time was good. The differences between book and movie again are acceptable for the visual effect – her dragging Jacob out by neck almost better than book.

The trip to cottage and vampire sex was well done.

The scene where Jacob reveals his secret to Charlie was ok. Why have the wolf snarling as appear? Yes, anger is the emotion that triggers the shape shifting, but Jacob was suppose to be very controlled. Eventually they did have the Jacob-wolf lay down at Charlie’s feet.

The scene teaching Bella to appear more human like was good. Edward remarked about Bella feeling like hot poker iron down her throat to Jacob. I don’t recall seeing his remorse at putting Belle in pain with Charlie’s visit. Then Charlie’s visit – Big mistake in movie was having everyone abandon Bella while visit with Charlie alone. Gross over confidence in her control. If her thirst had overcome her, no one would have gotten to her in time. Alice would not have had warning to help prevent disaster. In a Twilight Lexicon review it is stated that she couldn’t think of things missing from book to movie. How could she not remember how painful and how nervous Bella was and how supportive her Cullen family was by staying there during her visit with Charlie? Instead they discount her nervousness and show their support by leaving her alone like Edward did in New Moon? Would it have been so difficult to have had Edward at least stay with her?

This scene threw me out of the ‘suspend disbelief for movie’ mode and brought back all the skepticism I had about this movie and the battle scene resolution, still to come. For those that have only seen the movies, this is likely not a big deal as Bella’s concern about seeing Charlie was not expressed in movie.

The arm wrestling scene was good. Missed Renesmee being there and laughing. Bella seeing herself in sun first time was ok. Would have liked it to been closer to book with her holding Renesmee and standing next to Edward as he sparkles too – missed that smoldering gaze between them. 

It took Bella a while after Alice and Jasper left to find the second message Alice left specifically for her. The J Jenks scene was good and the difference was acceptable.

I did not like Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee going to Alaska.  No explanation was given as to why they left to get the Denali clan. Who was home to welcome other visitors and nomads? Scene was well done, just could have been done at the Cullen home to be closer to book and even make sense within context of movie.

Benjamin making water dance was nice. You could tell that there was some tension already between Amun and Benjamin. Showing Zafrina’s power was good. Kate’s showing Garrett her power was great. Alister’s comments were well placed.

Our first look of the Romanians was different from book and kind of fun. It could have happened as that scene in movie takes place before they show up in book. Vlad and Stef were part of the great comedic relief in the movie. Jacob was also part of comedic relief with some really good snarky lines.

Loved the ‘Redcoats are coming. Redcoats are coming’ line from Garrett.
Liked the Romanians saying the Volturi will not give up.
The way they get Charlie out of the area was nice and maybe better than the book.

The scene where Bella lowers her shield to Edward did not take place until Springtime in the movie, kind of a too long delay. It was very nicely done as a tribute to all the films. Seeing all the movies together noticed it was also done while Bella burned. Taking place in the meadow was a nice way to bring back to beginning and the dream that started it all.

Now for the Cullen / Volturi confrontation. The cover of BD is a chess board with a red pawn and white queen – representing Bella’s journey. The cover and then Alice using the Merchant of Venice book as note paper foreshadow the fact that the confrontation is going to be between two mind readers and likely more courtroom drama than physical battle. Yes, there is a statement from Edward about how the battle would have gone if there had been a physical battle in the post confrontation wrap up, so the battle in the movie is not out of line with the book.

I was very disappointed in the book to movie reconciliation that TwilightLexicon had reported fit and was satisfactory. Those comments raised my hopes up that it would be ok. It wasn’t. My expectation had farther to fall after being raised, making the disappointment greater. In New Moon movie Alice states that she can’t see the wolves. Yet in BD2 the battle is her vision that she shares with Aro. The battle shows the wolves fighting and Jacob taking off with Renesmee, who she can’t see either though that is not stated in the movies that I recall. Jacob even fights and destroys a vampire chasing him with Renesmee on his back.  All this is Alice’s vision. NO! NO! NO!  Did everyone conveniently forget that Alice cannot see the wolves and Renesmee? Only saving grace was after the Bella / Charlie alone scene I was already out of the ‘suspend disbelief for movie’ mode.

If they had only shown the vampire on vampire fights, that would have been acceptable for Alice’s vision. If they had shown the battle as someone’s nightmare or fearful thoughts, that would have been acceptable. If I can come up with those ideas, how is it that the much more creative people involved in making the movie couldn’t? If they did, then why did they not go that route instead of the very wrong Alice vision? Easy and convenient and less expensive?  Why could SM, BC, or MR not have provided Camilla's acceptable explanation as part of the movie?  Thank you Camilla!

Characters die in her vision on both sides. Volturi – all the big wigs. Cullens - one gasp surprise starts it all and lots after. It was well done. Just the wrong reconciliation!

Bella’s shield effect was nicely done, but it was not played as the important factor that it was in the book C/V confrontation resolution. Instead it was Alice’s vision that saves the day and gives Aro reason to retreat, Alice becomes the queen not Bella. So not right! And Alice in the movie knows it…I’d like to wipe the smug smile off of her face at the end – and I like the Alice character and Ashley Greene playing her.

Overall I enjoyed it. Overall I liked it. Still I am very disappointed in it. The parts that are wrong are big parts of the book saga and an important part of Bella’s journey. Maybe they are not so important or maybe they fit and make sense for someone that has not read the books. I know that books are not going to translate to movie well. I accept that and all the changes made in the previous TWS movies. For me these two scenes are too big and too important to the overall saga; and could have been done to fit the book more closely without lot of effort.

It could have been worse. The battle could have been real and there could have been real character death during that or some other time. But it could have been better so easily. For me the movies ended on a flat note, not a satisfactory note at all.

In seeing all the movies together, I was reminded there was a fight in NM movie that  wasn’t in the book, the fight in Eclipse movie between Edward and Victoria went way different than what was in the book, there was a fight in BD1 that wasn’t in the book. Why all those fight scenes? To satisfy Hollywood box office needs? At least they were not a major part of movie and did not change Bella’s journey as the battle being Alice’s vision did in BD2.

As stated earlier, my level of disappointment is decreasing as time passes. I think that with these major changes this second part will remain my least favorite of the movies. It would be nice to get an answer from Stephenie Meyer and / or Bill Condon as to why they went with Alice’s vision.

The actual ending of the movie and the credits were a wonderful way to wrap up the TWS movies. 

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