20 September 2012

My AU part of Breaking Dawn

I was reviewing Breaking Dawn preparing for the movie release on 16 November. Ms Meyer has Edward being rather quiet during Bella's transformation. I don't think so. He would have been through his own change and the others and had an idea that talking might help distract to however a small degree the person being changed. 

I think he would have music playing all the time in the background. Debussy, his own compositions, other soft calming, romantic works. Certainly Bella's Lullaby would have been part of the music and he'd be humming the work in progress for Renesmee. 

He would have read to her from her favorite books. He would have talked to her about their time together, maybe working backwards from Isle Esme.  Their school friends could have been a topic of his talking and definitely her parents. All this to maybe help her remember her human time better.

The other family members would have come up and visited and talked as well. Renesmee would have been brought to Edward and just the three of them at times.  

Bella may not have heard any of it consciously, but maybe it would have helped both to retain some memories and as a distraction.  Distraction not only for her but also for Edward. Calming music might have helped him too.

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