02 August 2012

Story Recommendation: TWS from Alice by Nostalgicmiss

Alice and Bella are best friends. This recommendation is dedicated to my best friend, CJ. She prereads most of my posts here. She comments on them too. We have been supportive of each other for long time now -- hopefully in a well balanced way. 

I came across these three Alice’s point of view stories, by Nostalgicmiss, awhile ago and just recently finished reading them. They were written before the book Breaking Dawn was released back in 2008.  She posted a chapter nearly on a daily basis. There are missing scenes galore. The characters are canon. The rating is T and all are complete.

The Twilight version, Through the Eyes of Alice Cullen, was Nostalgicmiss’ first fan fiction. The other stories right after that. She did not have a beta and her grammar is not good in spots – especially the various verb tenses for sit and stand. There are more than a few typos. She mentions this in her profile, so I read being forewarned. In spite of the errors, I found the time spent reading enjoyable. Reading the series from another character’s point of view is a nice way to go through the series without reading the original again.

Nostalgicmiss has some more recent work that is M rated and I likely won’t read them. There is one more T rated story about Nessie that I am currently reading and she mentions finding a beta. I am looking forward to less errors in that story and see how she does with more original material.

Hopefully you can look past the errors and read the stories from best friend Alice.
Thank you, CJ for all your support and being my best friend.

This is the Twilight story through Alice's Eyes

Alice's Version of New Moon, her voyage of Self Discovery and the vision that changed everything.

Eclipse through Alice's Eyes. Alice's soon-to-be-sister and best friend is finally joining the family in every way, what on earth could get in the way?

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