26 February 2012

Recommended Reading, Erika Chistakis

Instead of a story recommendation this week, there is a series of articles that I recommend. I'll be back later this week or next with another story to recommend.

Erika Chistakis wrote a three part article for Huffington Post on 'What Women Want: the Cinematic Wasteland of Female Fantasy'. She used Twilight as the main example. The things she talks about are things that do resonate with women. I did not personally think of these things as I read the TWS books, but the saga certainly did resonant with me and lots of other women and the things mentioned are good points.  She also wrote an earlier article for Time.com on Twilight Haters, a link for that is also given.

Twilight Lexicon posted links to the articles and there are some really good comments under all three article posts.

Comments are always appreciated.  Take care, AW

Part One:

Article on Time.com by Erika Chistakis:

Part one on TL

Part Two:

Part Two on TL: 

Part Three:

Part Three on TL:

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  1. Abby Keep posting the stuff about Twilight too.. I so related to these articles thanks so much!